Beer and Food pairing

Yes, it's beef. Yes, it's served with English pale ale. Sometimes these things are classics for a reason. 1
On Friday night, I got to go to a beer dinner hosted by Stephen Beaumont at the Capital Dining Room at the National Suites Hotel in Ottawa. You know Stephen Beaumont. He doesn’t really need any introduction. He’s been writing about beer for 23 years. He has a book coming […]

Beer and Food Tuesday: National Capital Craft Beer Week

The Ayinger really excels here. The poor photography does not. 2
As regular reader, Darren Siddorn, that long haired lover from Liverpool, pointed out last week on Beer and Food Tuesday, the dish that you’d expect to see associated with Strasbourg and Kronenbourg is Tarte Flambee or Flammekeuche. It’s essentially an Alsatian flatbread dish that’s very close in makeup to being […]

Beer and Food Tuesday: Flammekueche