Creativity in Action – Doppelbock 1

One of the things that I try to encourage whenever possible is creativity in the creation of beer, and I feel like there’s no segment of the beer world more ripe for creative brewing than the Doppelbock. Truth be told, I’ve had several Doppelbocks and there is some leeway in […]

Sort of one of those single, manly tear moments.

Master Brewer and all around nice guy Paul Dickey served as Emcee for the proceedings. Here he is pictured humouring a photographer.

Has He Lost His Mind: Iron Brewer 2012

What would you do with these ingredients? Base malts: Muntons Marris Otter Dark Bohemian Pilsner Floor Malt CMC Superior Pale Specialty Malt Oak Smoked Wheat Malt Dark Bohemian Wheat Floor Malt OiO Barley Flakes OIO Wheat Flakes Toasted (Torrified) OIO Brewers Oat Flakes (Quick) OiO Rye Flakes Toasted Thomas Fawcett […]

Toronto Beer Week Preview – History and Culture 2

  Did you know that the Toronto beer scene has more operatic members than a Romberg revival? It’s true. You’ve got Oliver Dawson, who runs the Old Toronto Beer Tour. You’ve got the world class Robert Pomakov who owns Opera Bob’s at Dundas and Ossington. You’ve got Mirella Amato, who […]


So You Want To Be A Brewer: Beau’s/St.John’s Wort Karma Sumac 2

Toronto Beer Week is fast approaching, and one of the marquee events, if the lineups from last year are to be believed, is the Barrel Bragging Rights afternoon at The Monk’s Table. The fact that it’s as popular as it is has to do with publican Adam Grant’s special genius […]

Beer and Food Tuesday: National Capital Craft Beer Week 1

On Friday night, I got to go to a beer dinner hosted by Stephen Beaumont at the Capital Dining Room at the National Suites Hotel in Ottawa. You know Stephen Beaumont. He doesn’t really need any introduction. He’s been writing about beer for 23 years. He has a book coming […]

Yes, it's beef. Yes, it's served with English pale ale. Sometimes these things are classics for a reason.

Nua Prik with Miranda, which I think was the gist of the beer's original name anyway.

Beer and Food Tuesday: Nua Pad Prik with Miranda 1

Sometimes, Beer and Food Tuesday just falls in your lap and today was one of those days. I got a call from Troy Burtch at Great Lakes Brewery this morning. Shockingly, he wasn’t called to yell at me for the outcome of the Ontario Brewmaster’s Cup. I would have been […]

Beer and Food Tuesday: Flammekueche 2

As regular reader, Darren Siddorn, that long haired lover from Liverpool, pointed out last week on Beer and Food Tuesday, the dish that you’d expect to see associated with Strasbourg and Kronenbourg is Tarte Flambee or Flammekeuche. It’s essentially an Alsatian flatbread dish that’s very close in makeup to being […]

The Ayinger really excels here. The poor photography does not.

The Toronto Festival of Beer 2012: Cheap Plugs Edition 2

An increasingly large number of people want me to plug things related to the Toronto Festival of Beer. Normally, I don’t really do cheap plugs, but the email inbox is groaning under the weight of folks looking for me to talk about the TORONTO FESTIVAL OF BEER and how it […]

I can't tell you how many people tried to feed me peanuts.

Announcing Beer and Food Tuesdays at St. John’s Wort 4

One of the things that I’m lucky enough to be able to ponder occasionally is beer and food pairing. It’s the kind of thing that I’ve been massively appreciative of in the past, because for the most part, when I experience it, someone else is doing it for me. I’ve […]