Consultancy & Services

As I’ve written about beer over the last few years, I’ve acquired a fairly unique skill set pertaining to beer in general and beer within Canada specifically. Having been National Beer Columnist for Sun Media for four years means that I have cultivated a top down view of the Canadian Brewing Industry which may be of use to you.¬†Additionally, I’ve become an expert of the history of beer in Ontario with a specialization in Toronto. Periodically I give lectures on some of this subject matter.

As a Certified Cicerone, I am qualified to train your staff and consult on your menus and special events. As a keen observer of the brewing scene in Ontario, I frequently observe the LCBO’s inventory system and may be of some use in consultation on expanding your brewery’s territory or creating strategy for increased market penetration. As a longtime media presence, I can help you tailor your PR strategy to make it maximally effective.

Fees are negotiable. If you feel I can be of service, please get in touch.

Mostly, I just really like Richard Boone.