Consultancy & Services


I have been writing about beer for about eight years at this point and I’ve learned an awful lot about the subject. I have also, due to having been constantly in front of classes and tour groups over the last year, gotten pretty darn good at talking about beer. It would be downright churlish not to offer that service to the public. I am available to host beer tastings, seminars, and other events for you if you’ll just get in touch below.

I also have some specialty abilities. I am a very good researcher and something of an authority on the history of brewing in the province of Ontario. I do a very good line in historical lectures about brewing in Toronto.

Fees are negotiable depending on the size of the audience and the length of the event.

I am also something of an expert on the brewing scene in Ontario, so for 2018 I am adding the most valuable service I possibly can to this page: For the low, low cost of $150 an hour, I will talk you out of opening a craft brewery with your retirement nest egg. That sounds exorbitant, but in the long run it will save you a lot of heartbreak.