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Have Mash Tun – Will Travel

As I’ve written about beer over the last few years, I’ve acquired a fairly unique skillset pertaining to beer within Canada. I have context for the entirety of the explosion of craft beer in Ontario that began properly in 2010 and am fairly well acquainted with all of the players in the market. I have two and a half years of experience as Canada’s only nationally syndicated beer columnist, meaning that I have a pretty good grip on what’s going on across the country.

In terms of knowledge specific to brewing beer, I have attended (although not completed) the brewing program at Niagara College and I’m one of a small number of Canadians who possess Certified Cicerone designation. I’ve made a study of beer styles and am working my way towards BJCP certification, having earned the rank of Prospective Beer Judge. I have several collaborative brews under my belt with Ontario breweries and have a small cache of good ideas for further collaborative brews. I have even co-written a book about homebrewing called How To Make Your Own Brewskis: The Go To Guide For Craft Beer Enthusiasts which will be published internationally later this year.

I have seen promotions both good and bad. I have seen launches that worked and launches that didn’t. I have seen good products fail and bad products succeed. I have paid attention to branding and market reception. I even have some helpful insights into LCBO product flow.

I can host tastings. I can consult on your beer menu with an especial focus on pairing with your cuisine. I can even help you with a social media strategy for your beer establishment.

If you should require someone with these skills, feel free to contact me at and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Fees are negotiable.

Mostly, I just really like Richard Boone.




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