Over the years here at St.John’s Wort, I’ve taken part in a number of collaborative brews with breweries around Ontario. Some of them have done very well while others have not quite executed perfectly. For reference, using a large brewery’s system is a lot easier than setting up your own home brewing rig. Temperature control is almost certainly going to be better for one thing. Sometimes the beers work out because the brewers I’m working with suggest a little restraint. Sometimes they work out because I get the brewer to push the envelope a little.

So far, none of these beers have killed anyone. I believe I’m tied with Jolly Pumpkin in Michigan as the first brewer to use Staghorn Sumac in a commercial beer (although I believe their release technically beat ours by a few days).

Great Lakes/St.John’s Wort Lazarus Breakfast Stout (RB/BA/Untappd)

Great Lakes/St.John’s Wort Imperial Element (RB/BA/Untappd)

Great Lakes/St.John’s Wort Shameless Plug Grisette (RB/BA/Untappd)

Beer Academy/St.John’s Wort St. John Marzen (RB/BA/Untappd)

Cheshire Valley/St. John’s Wort Manitou Sumac Saison (RB/BA/Untappd)

Beau’s/St.John’s Wort Staghorn (RB/BA/Untappd)

House Ales/St.John’s Wort Gin & Juice IPA (RB/BA/Untappd)

Austin Roach/St.John’s Wort Hopnotoad IPA (RB/BA/Untappd)

Shacklands/St.John’s Wort Fort Rouille Spruce Beer (RB/BA/Untappd)

Niagara College/St.John’s Wort Helliwell 1832 (RB/BA/Untappd)

Innocente/St.John’s Wort Waterloo 1815 Rye Saison (RB/BA/Untappd)

And one beer which I was partially responsible for but did not have a hand in brewing personally due to time constraints.

Beau’s Madaddamites Noobroo (RB/BA/Untappd)