Shameless Plugs

"I have not yet bankrupted the peashantry."
This is how big the craft beer movement has grown internationally: The 800th anniversary of the issuance of the Magna Carta, which takes place later this month, is being commemorated by a beer. It’s hard to imagine a brewery more suited to produce it than the Windsor & Eton Brewery. […]

The Magna Carta and Beer

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The nice thing about planning an event like the Feast Of St.John for Toronto Beer Week is that I’ve managed to create a certain amount of context for myself over three years or so that I’ve been writing about beer. I’ve collaborated on beers with a number of breweries, frequently […]

So You Want To Be A Brewer: Lazarus Breakfast Stout

See? There's a DJ booth.It's a proper modern beer festival. Apparently Craig Charles was going to be DJing at some point. It's just as well I didn't meet him because I would have been forced to offer a hearty "boys from the dwarf" in greeting. 2
Here’s an interesting thought: Craft beer in North America went through a lot of growing pains on the way to being where they are at the moment. There were years of struggling to make English styles of beer as authentically as possible (hard to do in San Francisco) and the […]

London Craft Beer