Heathcliff, Heathcliff, no one should terrorize the... oh wait. Let's avoid the lawsuit and call it "Ginger Cat" 3
Ginger beer seems to be having a moment in Ontario. Well, not “Ginger beer” so much as beer with ginger as an ingredient. If you’re from here you’ll find that odd. If you’re from South London you’ll find it ginger beer. Ginger is a pervasive flavour. It’s the kind of […]

Reviews: Ontario Ginger Beers

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I don’t have a sense for how long people have been following the blog, but if you started reading back in 2010, you’ll know that I had pretty strong opinions about Trafalgar. At that point, we were living in a 40 brewery Ontario and Trafalgar was down amongst the bottom […]

Revisit: Trafalgar Ales & Meads

The Background When I came back to Ontario from university out east, there were basically two Ontario beers at the LCBO that I could be sure were going to be quality. This was before “Craft Beer,” a term which emerged around 2007, so it was just beer. Those beers were […]

Barn Door Brewing Company Winter Porter