About Jordan St.John

I’m Jordan St. John and I’m one of Canada’s leading beer writers.

Semi-Legitimate Beer Guy

I started writing about beer in order to get into brewing school at Niagara College. When I applied to brewing school the first time, there were something like 200 applicants for 24 positions. I figured that with that many people applying to get into brewing school, it would be a good idea to be able to display on the application that I knew what I was talking about. Thus was St. John’s Wort born. It is a very bad brewing pun.

By the time I was accepted to brewing school in 2011, I had been writing about beer for 6 months and had landed a job as the National Beer Columnist for QMI. As far as I know, I was Canada’s only national beer columnist, which is nice work if you can get it.

In addition to the blog and the weekly column and the brewing school experience, I have somehow managed to parlay this gig into becoming the co-author of a book on home brewing (How to Make Your Own Brewskis: The Go-To Guide for Craft Brew Enthusiasts) and the leading expert on the history of brewing in Ontario and Toronto through the books Ontario Beer and Lost Breweries of Toronto. I am a collaborative brewer in Toronto, and have served as returning officer for the Canadian Brewing Awards more frequently than not over the last five years. I have designed a website for a brewery. I have worked packaging lines. I have drunk some very good beer with some very nice people. I have helped break up streetfights and served beer to foreign dignitaries.