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One of the things that I find irksome about living at Yonge and Davisville (aside from the inevitable late night taxi fares, which are one of the apparent hazards of being a beer writer) is the fact that otherwise intelligent people who live south of Bloor seem to think of […]

Can Beer Bars Survive North Of Bloor?

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There are things that you learn about yourself when you try to do a new thing, just like when I start getting lol coaching sessions and I didn’t know I was so bad at the game. Since I started teaching Beer Appreciation at George Brown College, I have learned the […]

Poles Apart

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Sleeman Lift launched this week. I’m not going to review it. I don’t care what it tastes like. Many of the lifestyle bloggers that you’ll see promoting it in the coming weeks don’t care what it tastes like either. They probably attended the launch because the invitation came with the […]

Not Exactly A Review: Sleeman Lift